the journey begins within you

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Her family didn’t want her to be an artist.

But she was brave. Stealing moments from a childhood that had little joy, she teased her fears, tears and penchant for colours into meaningful little drawings and paintings. These stolen moments preserved her innocence and right to be creative. 

As she grew older, painful memories and shameful emotions began surfacing, and tried to convince her that she was less than. They made a mockery of all that was pure and authentic within her. Feeling overwhelmed, she stopped. She could go no further. 

But life’s creative power is insistent. It will not let you stop. Its searing honesty will strip your life to its bare essentials and demand that truth be told. And it is impersonal. It found her anyway. The forces that had stopped her before, now compelled her to move beyond herself, defy the lies and indignity, and blossom into a beautiful expression of her truth – as who she knew herself to be in the core of her being. Through the power inherent in her unique creative vision, she taught herself to distill the emotional pain of the past into the truth of the present moment through her God-given gifts. 

This was the transcendence which healed the past, restored the present and opened the door to a liberating future. In the present moment she discovered, "I am creative. My art has infinite value. My authenticity as an artist cannot be questioned. For it comes from the place within me that has moral depth and truth-creating potential. My dedication and devotion to my craft is my commitment to truth and the reason why I am here." 

This is not just my story, it will also resonate with those who are seeking to express their passion, courage and sensitivity through the language of creativity. 

Sonali grew up in India, America and the Middle-East. In 2001, after experiencing a profound spiritual turning point in her life when she moved to Australia, she felt compelled to paint spiritual, angelic and archetypal themes through rich, finely detailed work, which captures life’s deeper sacred dimension and stirs emotional chords within.
She particularly enjoys art which captures the spirit and strength of the eternal feminine spirit – her divinity and truth which cannot be touched, her majesty and power to birth, sustain and renew life. Sonali lives on the Gold Coast, next to the ocean, which is the source and catalyst for her creativity.

Sonali also teaches yoga and meditation. She believes that giving expression to our creativity is vital in this Age of Awakening; it is the path through which we connect to our Essential Self.